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KRS Murthy in the centre having a great time at a party.


Background of KRS Murthy

Murthy is a musician, music director, musicologist, composer, researcher and inventor in music. His compositions have a wide range of music genres to include Indo Jazz, Western Jazz, Indian Classical, Indian Light, Indo-Western Classical Fusion, Chinese and New Age. He has also developed detailed ideas for revolutionary new musical instruments, incorporating novel features and paradigms.

Murthy is a scientist and corporate executive running one of the most successful companies in USA as the President. He says, "My music passion is not meant to be fulltime, but these days it feels like my passion has taken over significant amount of my time in a day." He is a poet and writer, actor and famous public speaker. He has also developed paradigm shifts in poetry, short story, theatre and fine arts. He has developed innovative team and player analysis, comparison, objective player selection procedures and statistical presentation for Cricket.

You may search in GOOGLE search engine with key words "KRS" and "Murthy" to see numerous references to his work, encompassing many areas.

He has developed numerous techniques and many paradigm shifts in Indian Classical Music. Some techniques and paradigm shifts apply to all traditions of music around the world.

He currently has for over 500 compositions to his credit, all original employing his paradigms and techniques. The compositions range from 5 minutes to 50 minutes, with most of them in 10 to 15 minutes range.

The compositions are in the following Yahoo music groups:

1. RhythmicDiversity

2. DivineMusic

3. Natana

4. Naarada

5. Alaapana

6. Exoticrhythms

7. Sweet_Music

8. Naarada

9. ChineseMelody

You need to sign up and be a group member (FREE) of any one or all of the above music groups to listen to music in this group

You will be able to listen to my music compositions by choosing any one or more music group and going to 'Files'

There are many folders containing music. You need to have any one of the following media players, downloadable FREE from many websites like

1. Windows Media Player - Even though this is one of the better players, it is better for you to save the MIDI file for a particular composition on my website onto your computer and then play.

2. WinAmp

3. Apple QuickTime Player - This player seems to launch readily and quickly.

Please make sure to choose one of these player as the DEFAULT player in the selection options on your computer.


Murthy's e-mail and phone contacts are:


Rhythmic Diversity Paradigm in music

All of us desire and so hold discussions on the theme of diversity of religions, cultures, and schools of thoughts with colleagues and friends. I wanted to contribute a composition named Unity in Diversity to promote peace. Let us hope that some unity evolves out of diversity.

Introduction to Rhythmic Diversity:

Rhythmic Diversity is a new paradigm in music, applicable to vocal and instrumental music, and to music of all genres of the world.

Multiple rhythms coexist, complementing each other, yet maintaining their own rhythmic personalities. In other words, music with multiple rhythms are weaved together adeptly so that the different rhythmic music are expounded to 'come in and play' and 'fade out or abruptly exit' at different times. The different rhythmic musical pieces interplay with each other. In instrumental music, different instruments are used in different rhythms, where as in vocal music, different singers may sing. The music could be a mix multiple genres. They could also be classical / traditional, folk or new age genres.

The rhythms do not need to have coincident start and stop punctuations. They do not need to have any beat multiplier commonality, like the lowest common multiple (LCM) as used in some musical genre.

Dance could also be choreographed to the music of rhythmic diversity, with multiple dancers or dance groups dance synchronizing to the different interplaying musical pieces. The dance genres may be classical, folk or new age.

This Yahoo group features instrumental music composed by KRS Murthy using the paradigm of 'Rhythmic Diversity' invented and developed by him.

Smile - This composition uses Rhythmic Diversity paradigm developed by Murthy

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